Monday, February 27, 2006

Finally starting my own blog...

I grew up around technology. Both of my parents are engineers, and I always felt comfortable with computers and electronics. I've tried to stay abreast of the latest technology, always open to trying new things. However when web-logging took off I thought it was no more a vessel of relevance than one's personal diary, with roughly the same readership level.

Then I started reading blogs. Not just those announcing one's daily mood, music selection, and stool content, but blogs discussing news and politics with a degree of curiosity and intellectual honesty that I couldn't find in newspapers, message boards or even Combined with my recent transition to RSS for almost every site I used to visit, I can read more interesting news across many websites in much less time. I must say I'm quite hooked now.

So now I'm finally starting my own blog. I hope what I say is entertaining, insightful and unique, but regardless my friends will be much happier with this opt-in means of voicing my opinion, as compared to e-mail. So come back here for amusing stories, political discourse, and my attempt at a Hippie Word of the Week that's new to my vocabulary.



Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff. Out of curisoity, why blogger instead of LJ?


Texas Hippie said...

Blogger was bought by google, and given that there is a new google web page hosting service I thought this would integrate nicely with all their offerings. Plus they seem to know how to make slick, easy to use interfaces for editing/publishing. Lastly, I didn't want this to be a journal as much as a blog, and the capabilities I've seen others take advantage of when hosting their blogs here makes it that much more compelling.

Good to have you here Jim!