Friday, March 24, 2006

Jane made my day

I was all pissed off from a bad day at work, when Jane's vicious tongue lashed out at some young Republican fan-boy who wriggled his way into a position at the Washington Post. And people actually think that white men don't have it easy any more? (I can count at least three white women I know personally who have said that minorities and women are taking their sons' or husbands' jobs). Oh, and there's a word of the day in there too,

Just as the time of reckoning approaches and the Washington Post will, like it or no, have to take responsibility for all the flagrant, credulous warmongering it did in a fit of BushCo access rapture, you guys hire the most thick-witted, mouth breathing home schooled freak you could lay your hands on. The respectable journalists who have managed to survive the Patrick Ruffini sycophancy of John WATB Harris, the jejune truthiness of Deborah Howell and the simple fact that one of the biggest stories of last year was how the paper'’s own superstar fucked you over and then wouldn'’t talk to you about it are no doubt cringing in the bathroom stalls.

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