Monday, May 08, 2006

Back from vacation...

I'm back from my vacation in California, where I had a blast at Coachella and enjoyed San Diego immensely. Here are some musings:

  • At Coachella there was an AT&T "blue room", a covered tent where you could relax in mild air-conditioning, recharge yourself and your cell phone, and even surf the web on their internet-connected laptops. After that weekend the NSA is probably still backlogged with such a fresh load of e-mails from suspicious social deviants.
  • There was a neat tent where you could upload your photos into a common area, presumably to share with other Coachella participants. I didn't bring a camera, so hopefully I can find some pictures there with me in the background scratching my ass or something.
  • The audience was a visibly different cross-section of society this year. Many fewer goths than last year (drawn by NiN and Peter Murphy), and many more gays and lesbians (coming for Madonna, Scissor Sisters, etc.).
  • Higher/harder barrier of entry seemed to cut down on the number of jerks there as compared to ACL fest or especially SxSW. But they still let me in some how :)
Some unrelated thoughts now that I'm back and I'm catching up on news...
  • Google Calendar kicks ass. Its interface has some rough edges mostly due to limitations of its web interface, but it's accessible from any location and it is extremely easy and intuitive. It's the best calendaring system I've seen. I've also linked in other calendars, including US holidays, interesting astronomical events (e.g. meteor showers), and interesting Austin events (e.g. local music happenings, tech-related or job-related seminars, etc.).
  • Our school district is managed by idiots. They're spending $60K to refurbish lockers that have been unused for 10 years due to drugs/weapons at Kealing Jr High. They're justifying this in order to satisfy minimum requirements listed on a poorly written district guidelines.
  • The GOP is riddled with scandals of drugs, sex, and extravagant spending.... just like the good ol' days when the Dems ran the show! Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.


Shellie said...

Google calendar is quite awesome, though I'm still getting used to the vaguely stalker-ish feeling of having my friends know exactly what I'm doing on any given day.

Will you share the link for the cool Austin events calendar?

Texas Hippie said...

Sure thing! If you go to "Manage Calendars" linked from the bottom left, you can search for calendars by topic or you can add one manually. Here's the link:

But a quick search for "Austin Events" brings up some others you may like.


Anonymous said...

I've seen some of the uploaded Coachella pix. Gives me a derivative feel for the event, which looks like it was a blast. Didn't see you scratching your ass, though. It probably skews your demographic observations very little, but I like Scissor Sisters.