Saturday, May 20, 2006

A bit of background on Chris Bell... and other ruminations

Although I know very little about Chris Bell and still haven't decided if I intend to vote for him, this article from Texas Monthly (no registration required?! gasp.) starts to give you a feel for how this race could very likely turn out. And the more I try to understand the voter demographic, the more I realize that Kinky Friedman is going to pull votes from Strayhorn and Bell, not from Perry. And it's without any goal of debate or any real ideas for inducing change that this bull proceeds to take a massive dump all over the china shop. His cynicism is refreshing but not fulfilling, so his confrontational one-liners have no intention of being debated. If you've noticed, Kinky has a very hard time engaging in dialog after his stump speeches, preferring to answer few questions and stumbling over those he does field. When I do my research I plan to study Bell and Strayhorn before I consider spending any of my time on Kinky.

And by the way, for those of you thinking of making a "fun" decision this year: if you have a smirk on your face when you talk about voting for Kinky, think back to how many times that smirk has smacked you in the ass at a later time, say at work or in college. How 'bout let's not try to come off as a cynical but informed armchair politico, and just tell the truth: politics is really boring, and you'd like some drama for a change? Remember Perot? That was fun!

Conservatives mean business, and the constituents aren't going to risk their comfortable outcome for the chance to show some principles they believe in, they kind of like it force fed (e.g. Fox News). "Plus, the office is just a figurehead, no real change can occur there. But we're still not going to permit a Democrat to win" - that stern and proper coworker that just gets under your skin with his smarminess. [Update: Just read a reaffirming post by an irreverent favorite of mine, the News Blog]

Strayhorn voters are libertarian voters. The actual libertarian candidate (yes, there are at least 5 candidates for governor this year) doesn't stand a chance. These folks know that we're all going to hell in a handbasket, but they want to make sure theirs is a fast yellow handbasket with just enough room for three chicks. BTW I've never met a woman with this kind of approach to politics. And it's not entirely a reflection on Strayhorn, these voters think that she's their best chance to protect their money. Therefore I also believe that there will be a contingent of empowered women who have deep interest in seeing other women penetrate a man's world and turn it inside out.

And the rest are either democrats, or voters too apathetic to be cynical, whose believe in the system rotted away long, long ago, along with their smirks.

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