Sunday, May 21, 2006

Democrats might well be just as corrupt... if they held power

Democrats don't have any monopoly on moral high ground, apparently. Were Democrats the ones in power today, I imagine corruption with that party could be just as high as it is with Republicans. But for the most part the current scandals, especially the conspiratorial ones, are a taint on the GOP. It's hard to abuse your power when you have none.

As much as I want the current bunch of destructive Congressmen out of office, this is a never ending fight. That is why checks and balances are so damned important!

Update: My response to a post on Casual Soapbox:

Yes, it sucks that it's ruining the narrative. But every time we rely on a carefully crafted narrative the GOP campaign machine tears holes in it. We need more solid indicators that the republicans must go, namely that they have full majorities and still can't solve this country's problems.

I think we should all be offended by this malfeasance purely because it is corrupt, not because it pokes holes in our image of Democrats being perfect. Furthermore giving democrats this comfort zone of thinking that their base is anti-GOP instead of anti-corruption gives them the opportunities to develop the kind of double-standards we typically see in Republicans (e.g. Limbaugh's drug use, which I don't personally give a rat's ass about except for his previous derision of those who abuse drugs).

The best way to use this bad example to our advantage is to convince Republicans why we need checks and balances. Won't the GOP be mad if they shut themselves out by destroying checks and balances before losing power? And does anyone really believe Dems won't abuse power if they get the chance? Both sides win if we can clean up the current mess, because we don't want to be under the same moral rock 12 years from now that the GOP has slithered under.


Anonymous said...

Exceptionally well said. Thanks for putting words to the thought.

Texas Hippie said...

And thank you for reading them! :)