Monday, May 22, 2006

Take everything with a grain of salt

When I heard about Iran requiring religious minorities to wear "flair" I was disturbed by the thought but I didn't immediately believe that it would actually get enacted. The Iranian president is a vociferous figurehead whose rhetoric projects an image of greater power than he actually holds, so I have a hard time believing unverified news stories about Iran. So when the flair issue turned out to be a hoax, it came as no surprise to me. The motives for such skullduggery, however, are beyond the pale:

They made it up.... Why? So that months from now, someone hearing about plans to bomb Iran, or seeing footage of bombing on TV, will say to themselves, "Didn't I read that Iran was going to round up all the Jews and make them wear yellow stars like the Nazis? Something like that. Well, good riddance." All the story had to do was live long enough to get into circulation. -- Jim Henley @ High Clearing

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