Thursday, May 18, 2006

This is why I don't read the Austin American Statesman...

...or its web presence. I don't watch TV either. I get all of my news online. What a warped view I must have?!


Anonymous said...

Another good reason is their annoying telemarketers calling you at work to try and get you to buy a subscription. Here's how that conversation went on Friday when I was hungover at work:

Me: Hello?

AAS: Hi! I'm with the Austin American Statesman!!! How are YOU today?

Me: Uh, I can't talk.


Me: click

Texas Hippie said...

Me: Super, thanks for asking!

A thick big-gay-Al accent might be a fun way to respond. But my favorite s to leave the phone on the desk and see how long until they hang up.

Maybe if we had birds as pets then we'd have a need for that much newspaper. But I wonder if the birds would mind that their cage paper came with crap already on it?