Friday, June 16, 2006

Could it be because he has no message?

What does Chris Bell stand for? We know that Kinky hates politicians, Strayhorn hates taxes, and Perry hates pretty much everyone who isn't a white heterosexual Christian. (though I do appreciate Perry's leadership during hurricane Katrina, I think overall he's not a very good human being). But back to my point, what does Chris Bell stand for? .... hard to say. I appreciate that he doesn't have a polarizing platform like the other candidates - he seems more thoughtful on his positions - but that makes it very difficult for him to self-identify to the voters. Which is why he's performing so poorly.

The strongest platform Bell has to run on currently makes a lot of sense: We need to vastly improve the state of public education in Texas, which results in a far more powerful incentive for businesses to come to our state to do business than tax incentives or pork barrel projects. To wit:

Texas is poised to blow the doors off the rest of the country as the best place to work and raise a family. But we can'’t do better than California and New York if our schools are competing with Mississippi and Arkansas, and we're importing our ethics from Washington.
What of his platform have you heard that strikes a chord?

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