Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Detailed survey on Texas voter demographics

I've been working on this post since I hit the road for NJ, so now that I'm here I can clear it off my plate. (I've got a few others backlogged too.)

This demographic study of Texas voters reaffirms my belief that the extra candidates for Governor will dilute the persuadable votes of young and/or independent voters away from Chris Bell, which is fine. Perry will likely win without too much trouble. But I very much appreciate a system that is open to outsiders, because otherwise we would see the same stagnation and detachment from reality that has overcome even the Dems in the US Congress. The Democratic party does not take a principled stand on very many issues that I believe in strongly. Hopefully this will help them understand what they're doing wrong.

Here are the key points of interest in my opinion from these results.

  • More women support Strayhorn than Bell, though I believe that women typically (across the US) support Democrats more than Republicans, especially as compared to men. This is key to how this election will play out.
  • Bell and Friedman get the largest bloc of support from young voters.
  • Of the candidates, Bell curries the least favor from independent voters, due to the libertarian and two independent candidates.
  • Moderates take Friedman the least seriously, but Liberals seem to rank him as their second choice. This is the second key point to this election, and specifically to why Chris Bell stands very little chance.
I still believe that Bell will come in second to Perry, with Strayhorn and Friedman trailing closely in that order.

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