Thursday, June 08, 2006

Funny/awesome clip with Jon Stewart supporting gay marriage

Good for him! And the audience's cheers made me feel really good this morning.

[Update]: I want to highlight a key point from this discussion that really stuck in my mind. Jon Stewart defused the anti-gay battle cry of the "slippery slope" leading to polygamy and bestiality by stating that unlike homosexuality these behaviors aren't part of the human condition. Homosexuality has been observed repeatedly in the animal kingdom as well, so it makes no sense to proclaim it as unnatural.

Since polygamy is also a natural element, why not allow it as well? What you wish to do as consenting adults is your business, and I could care less; however polygamous relationships that are formed as a bond of subservience are inappropriate counterexamples to the gay marriage debate, because they are not a relationship of mutual love, respect and equality. Beyond that, I strongly believe that anything consenting adults wish to do that does not violate the freedoms of anyone else is their right.

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