Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Minimum wage hike? How about a living wage?!

The minimum wage hasn't been hiked in 9 years, while inflation steadily eats away at spending power and workers are getting fewer health care benefits. So minimum wage earners have effectively had their wages lowered the past 9 years. It's disgusting to hear members of Congress proclaim that the economy will be hampered if we don't continue to let businesses take advantage of the lower class. If you believe that compassionate conservatism was a genuine part of the GOPs recent platform, then clearly it is a phenomenal failure.

We need to start thinking in terms of a living wage, and this won't have to be paid for by taxpaying citizens. Instead the excessively large and profitable companies that damage our communities and environment such as Walmart and Exxon should be forced into some semblance of public good will. And they might even find their profits rise if they do so, because there are many conscientious consumers like myself that refuse to buy from them until they do. (BTW, Exxon is still involved in legal disputes and is still withholding some money from the Exxon Valdez spill repayments).

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