Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Texas has a lot of room for improvements

From Pink Dome, Texas really needs to make progress on the poverty issue. Part of this is going to require some effort on addressing immigration, but the biggest change is going to have to come from how people view programs like CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program). Since compassion isn't enough to motivate people when it requires money or time, we need to also explore poverty as an issue of investment, though I'm not familiar enough with the economic fundamentals of class hierarchies to describe my belief in "trickle up economics", so to speak. More on this later I hope....

For what it's worth, Chris Bell has dedicated a significant portion of his gubernatorial platform to fully funding CHIP and improving education by increasing our investment in it instead of reducing it as Gov. Perry has done. He believes that Texas requires a healthy and educated workforce to entice employers to invest and create jobs here. Texas has so much potential: Houston is a powerful force in the energy industry, Dallas is strong in telecommunications, San Antonio has the highest per-capita concentration of financial-industry employees outside of NYC, and Austin is "Silicon Hills." Our state can do better.

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