Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'm such an ass

I picked a fight with a blogger on the Austin Centrist today. I feel bad but I'm willing to play this game of chicken because I know I won't lose, so I called him on his bleating with this:

What kind of scale do you use at home such that, no matter how much you load down one side, the other side never has to budge to reach equilibrium? Defense-heavy Murtha is a much more significant asset towards getting this country off of its clearly wrong track than is Joe Lieberman. Joe's no friend of progress and we'll be stuck in this mess for a long time without a real backbone.

Name the sources of your belief, and I'll take you seriously and read each of them. I'll then post mine, which you'll read, and we'll have met in the center. Deal?
I feel cynically empowered :)

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