Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Jane Hamsher: the searing coals on the andiron at

Steve Gilliard from the News Blog writes this great piece about a piece about Jane Hamsher. You're the 4th level I guess, but it's still relevant! Here's where I insert my witty and conveniently related personal story: Jane is the woman whose fiery attitude got me interested in blogging. This was a no holds barred beast of a woman, I say with utmost respect. I don't feel right using the word bitch, which admittedly flows from the tongue better, because I don't wish to present myself as being afraid of her. Instead I respect her immensely, and I feel more personally empowered because of her and my Dad.

My dad let me be cynical but not apathetic, however Jane has made me cynically optimistic. Which basically means I'm an evil smirking bastard laughing at the misfortune and undoing of other political establishments, but hey, that's who I am. The fact that I occasionally have anything positive to say is a clear indication, for those who know me, that I think things are going extremely well!

Enjoy the article, and take part in experiencing the firebrand from firedoglake, Jane Hamsher.

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Anonymous said...

I'm cynically optimistic that you'll be okay.