Friday, July 07, 2006

NH phone jamming scandal

Recall when there were reports of phone jamming of the New Hampshire Democrats' efforts to get out the vote on election day? Turns out some significant Republicans were involved and several cases are already under way. I also recall that some Democrats had been charged with slashing tires of vans used in Republicans' similar efforts to get out the vote, which is despicable. But those Dems were never directed, encouraged or supported by the party leadership, much less the White House. Read more from the Next Hurrah regarding the recent implication of White House involvement in the phone jamming scandal.

This may seem minor to some but it is so consistent with the bullying and heavy-handed tactics used by the Administration that it really does start to lend credence to discussion of widespread voter fraud. No wonder why the GOP-controlled Congress killed efforts to renew the Voting Rights Act. As Bush's manipulative and malicious storylines continue unraveling (such as compassionate conservative, no child left behind, war as a last resort), expect attempts from GOP members to distance themselves. But the loyalty demanded by Bush is going to make it hard to erase images like these.

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