Sunday, July 30, 2006

Please, please reduce collateral damage

Israel may be waging a war of self defense, but their military capabilities are significantly more powerful and should therefore be used with more restraint if they wish to retain any kind of international support. Attacks that flood the Mediterranean with fuel oil and attacks that kill 37 children indicate to me that Israel has gone beyond the point of reason and calculated retribution, because these consequences could have been avoided had they been more thoughtfully planned. The carelessness can be compared to our administration's stupidity in thinking that the Iraqis would welcome us with open arms for ousting Saddam; Israel thinks it can continue claiming self-defense as its aggression mounts. But the rest of the world sees things differently, and Israel risks losing its paucity of international support.

Such myopia often betrays an ulterior motive, and I cannot support such complete coldheartedness and lack of any compassion. Again, firepower is so lopsided in this war that Israel has crossed the line with attacks such as this.

Update: Billmon says it better than I could.

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