Tuesday, July 25, 2006


This video by Sarah McLachlan is sensitive and compelling. These kinds of things always force a lot of introspection for me, ultimately digging down to the meaning of life. But I even get stuck on some of the surface questions. Do I help others now when I have less to give, or donate later when my investments have helped grow a more sizable contribution? Do I donate to countries that suffer from religious extremism, hoping to help break the self-propagating spiral of poverty and hopelessness that begets more attention to the afterlife than the current one, or do I donate to places that are less judgmental with more potential for civilized growth? Do I donate in an area where I'm more likely to directly benefit, such as local schools and extracurricular mentoring programs, or is that too selfish to be noble?

Until I figure these things out, I wind up donating something else that I value: my time. If you can't donate money, volunteer to help at a local food bank, Habitat for Humanity, or any locally accessible charity.

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