Sunday, July 16, 2006

Why I love Dennis Kucinich

I'm an idealist, and the closest I come to pragmatism is cynicism. I have yet to resign myself to "this is just the way things work." Which is why I will not support Hillary in '08 (or ever, possibly), and why I'm leery of Obama Barack's recent pandering. It's also why I said back in '04 that I would prefer another four years of Bush than the possibility of eight years of Lieberman. On the flip side my idealism is why I supported Ralph Nader in '00 and Kucinich in '04 (and later Kerry). Kucinich is a genuinely good person, and tries to do genuine things for the public good. He does not come across as a politician, the way Kerry seemed to, and his legislative efforts often involve things such as this:

Dennis Kucinich (Democrat, Ohio) and Wayne Gilchrest (Republican, Maryland are circulating a letter in the House of Representatives that calls on Michael Levitt, the US health secretary, to require H5N1 sequences and other publicly funded research data "to be promptly deposited in a publicly accessible database, such as GenBank".

The letter has now been sent, signed by 16 members of Congress: you can read it here.

A broader article from The Next Hurrah goes into more detail on recent happenings regarding H5N1 (avian flu). The folks from this site also helped start the non-partisan Flu Wiki.

Back to the original topic of idealism, my favorite for '08 is Russ Feingold. Unlike Kucinich however, he actually stands a chance.

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