Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bear 2, Cat 1

Before leaving NJ I decided I really wanted to know which could win in a fight: a tiger or a bear. A quick YouTube search rendered this (disregard the cheesy animation at the end). The internet provides instant gratification for ADD/OCD folks such as myself. Aside from compelling YouTube footage, I learned from Wikipedia that Tigers are the most powerful of the cat family (not lions?) and grow to 700 pounds, while a Grizzly Bear is as large as 1,550 pounds and can run 35 mph... and climb trees! Crap!

I don't watch much TV, and my brain isn't compatible with devices such as TiVo. Maybe I get bored too quickly to wait for entertainment to come to me?

Perhaps not. I'm addicted to the Ze Frank show, and his latest two pieces are terrific. Watch them!

This is Texas Hippie, searching the massive tubes for glorious time-wasters so you don't have to.

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