Friday, August 11, 2006


Protecting our country against terrorism in part requires getting rid of those who strive to maintain a tremulous American public, thus supporting the efforts of terrorists; this specifically includes the Bush administration. This administration has repeatedly stoked terror for political gains, and in turn terrorists help support a fumbling, divisive White House that makes global enemies. The White House and terrorists use each other for mutual political advantage.

Some feedback I've received from my friends and family suggests that I should avoid long excerpts that break my train of thought. (And I should not fear to discuss important commonplaces such as boogers and poo). But I often find a piece so eloquent and succinct that I have to post an excerpt. Instead of doing that today, I strongly encourage you to watch (or read) the apropos Ze Frank show.

Americans have largely adapted to the realities of this disquieting "new" world, from which we had been insulated for so long. People began to criticize the color-coded terror alert system as merely a political tool. It was never effective as an anti-terrorism tactic, but the administration is still hard at work exploring new ways to keep us in fear.

A majority believe that the administration and Congress have their priorities all wrong. Should it surprise you at this point that most Americans know better than this administration what's best for our country? Maybe so; I've not built up to that confidence yet but I'm working hard to help get us there.

It is our duty as patriots to ensure that America isn't duped yet again into the false construct that the GOP is the supreme protector of our country's health and prosperity. It is not.


Texas Hippie said...

To continue this train of thought without disrupting my already perfect post, I'd like to point out that the recent terror arrests were not lucky, last-minute coups by the British intelligence. Instead, the British were very much aware of all that was going on and how close a plan was to possible execution, waiting until the right time for sufficient evidence and a wide-enough net of accomplices to ensure that this plan along with its sentiment was thoroughly thwarted.

Ze Frank pointed out how the media and politicos extremely exaggerated this case to instill fear "disproportionate to the reality of the situation", a complete dereliction of their duty to protect the (mental) health and prosperity of our country.

I'd like to challenge other liberal bloggers such as those at Firedoglake to put an end to their empty rhetorical questioning: "do you feel safer?" That merely sustains the grip of fear on our country, and instead tries to exploit it to a Democratic advantage, and it won't even work. Focusing on this issue maintains its presence in our minds, and gives the GOP an advantage given their skill in exploiting the "gut vote" at election time.

I do not respect fear as a political motivator. Instead we should objectively ask if our country is better off now, or if we are misprioritizing our response to one of many issues of national importance? To quote Ze again, "Like disease and the forces of nature, it's a risk that we have to rationally come to terms with." If Americans have really come to terms with this, the only way to capitalize on this enlightenment is to focus on what we can do better, provide real solutions, and get over our learned helplessness.

platkat said...

Good post! It's so much easier to feel like a victim than to work together to solve problems. Unfortunately, our society is one that tends to value what is easy in the short term...

Texas Hippie said...

One more comment to save for later: Glenn Greenwald points out that this threat was thwarted using legal surveillance techniques, not by illegal eavesdropping.