Sunday, August 06, 2006

Kay Bailey Hutchison: you're poor if you own less than $10 million

Another great post on the Burnt Orange Report discusses our hypocritical "representative." Kay Bailey Hutchison, one of two Texas Senators who hates America, said the following:

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison claimed that the failed estate tax bill seeking to give away $268 billion in tax revenue to couples with estates worth more than $10 million was a tax break intended for "middle class and poor people."

Complaining yesterday about the defeat of her efforts to give $268 billion to only the wealthiest families (couples with estates worth over ten million dollars), Hutchison said, "“It is an excuse to make it a do-nothing Congress. And we are turning our back on the middle-class and poor people in this country who depend on the minimum wage and death-tax relief."

Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate Barbara Ann Radnofsky responded: "If she had said this under oath, it would have been perjury." Sen. Hutchison described perjury as a "mere technicality" in 2005 on "Meet the Press."

Sen. Hutchison voted against raising the minimum wage in March 2005 and November 1999.

Apparently in her eyes you're poor if you own less than $10 million.


Anonymous said...

I hope Texans start to realize that voting straight Republican ticket (which is mostly why we have so many incompetent Republicans in power) isn't a wise decision. Vote for the person based on what they stand for, not party line. If only people really used their heads more often and did their homework before casting a vote...

Texas Hippie said...

No kidding! Republicans rely on this mental laziness by attracting voters to the local polls for a wedge issue such as gay marriage. While the voters are there they typically vote the party-line on the rest of the ballot. It's called "energizing the base" and it has been their most successful strategy for winning elections.

Thanks for your comment!