Sunday, August 27, 2006

McCain is not likely to succeed in fixing America

Great post from Digby, finding McCain's true stripes.

"What they need to do is to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit." - George W. Bush.

"One of the things I would do if I were President would be to sit the Shiites and the Sunnis down and say, 'Stop the bullshit.'" John McCain.
McCain is not a good "alternative" to the neocon agenda. He's no alternative whatsoever. He claims his beliefs are different than Bush's, but he won't speak them: "I'm not sure right now that I'd like to criticize this administration because I think they're doing the very best they can."

But his only attempts to go against the grain are when he wears his "Maverick" codpiece and rams something through Congress like his anti-torture amendment. He didn't blink when Bush attempted to veto the legislation through a signing statement. It was all a setup, preparing America for a man who can buck the ills of the Bush administration while secretly working to bring the true conservative agenda to the White House. It's not much different than you could expect from Sen. Clinton, but the calculations and machinations are a little less obvious.

In a war to pander to the middle, the right is most apt to win. They've "stood for principles" for so long it couldn't possibly be pandering if coming from the GOP. So McCain, despite the Maverick stance with his own base, is a strong contender. Perhaps even because of his past stance with his base.

If Democrats want to be known for having a spine and strong convictions, they need to stand their ground on every issue for the next two years. Or until the Republicans, if they are true patriots, admit their massive, ridiculous mistakes and voluntarily request the Dems' assistance in fixing our country's problems. There is no issue more important right now.

I know some of my readers share my distrust of McCain. Please drop a comment since I've been meaning to ask you to elaborate your thoughts, so you might as well leave them here!


jobsanger said...

McCain is just a "stealth" version of Bush. He's more likeable, but just as stupid.

P.S. - I also still consider myself a hippie [still have the long hair and beard], so I was glad to find your blog. It was like meeting an old friend. Good stuff!

Texas Hippie said...

Thanks for stopping by! I've always considered myself a hippie, but I still can't grow a respectable beard. Judging by your wording, I'm guessing you thought I was a boomer. I'm actually Gen-Y :)

I like your blog, and the Kinky quote is amusing. Do you have any posts summarizing why you prefer Kinky over Bell? I'm still undecided but I plan on doing more research soon. In particular I've seen some behavior on Bell's part that concerns me... more on this later, but I'd love to hear your views.

jobsanger said...

You're right, I did think you were a boomer like me - still like your blog though.

As far as supporting Kinky, I don't know if my reasons will help you, but here they are:

1. Kinky, like myself, is just an old hippie that never grew out of it.

2. Kinky is not a Democrat or a Republican or a politician - that's three marks in his favor.

3. I've been reading and listening to Kinky for nearly 40 years now. I think I know who he is, and I trust him.

4. I don't think he can be bought by the special interests. I think he'll see each issue in light of what's best for ordinary Texans.

5. Kinky opposes the Trans-Texas Corridor and toll-roads in general.

6. He's funny, and Willie Nelson supports him.

These reasons may or may not appeal to others, but they work for me.

Texas Hippie said...

Thanks, I'll include that (with proper attribution) in my next post about Kinky vs. Bell.