Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ned Lamont

When Joe Lieberman was running for president in '04 I hoped he wouldn't win the primary. I wouldn't have been able to support him in the election, and I told Mrs. Hippie at the time that'd I'd rather have a painful four more years of Bush than an agonizing eight years of Lieberman, should he get that lucky. This Republican-Lite has truly enabled the current administration, and he is so full of hypocrisy and lies that you cannot trust him to be on your side.

Ned Lamont, another Democrat, is running against him for Senate in Connecticut. Unseating a 3-term (18 year) incumbent is no easy task, especially someone with as much name recognition as Lieberman. Lieberman is also flush with cash, but I'd like to point out something other liberal bloggers haven't: while he may be one of the biggest recipients of donations from defense, finance and pharmaceuticals, the other names on that list dilute the implication that these donations undermine the Democratic "principles", whatever those are. Lieberman is also the biggest recipient of alternative-energy "investments". Let's be fair with the facts and focus our energy on the real issues here.

Back to the real topic: Ned Lamont's campaign represents the direction the Democratic party needs to take. The campaign has shown that we can't wimp out in the face of a strong incumbent (e.g. the current administration) and that we must attack on every issue we hold dear. No compromises, because the current power-holders will not compromise their beliefs for anyone.

Try to name a counter-example, please, because I'd love to educate you.

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