Thursday, August 24, 2006

Misplaced concerns

Crap, Blogger Beta posted my draft instead of saving it. To properly attribute this quote I guess I'll finish my post:

There is a much greater risk from lifestyles that hurt you - smoking, walking across the street without looking both ways, not putting bars in the window if you've got kids and you live above the first floor, those kinds of things. - Michael Bloomberg on Rolling Stone
This is an important narrative to emphasize. The fear that terrorism is as great a threat as Mutually Assured Destruction from nuclear attacks in the cold war is overblown, and if we were really concerned about the potential for irresponsible parties to wield nuclear weapons for massive civilian death and destruction then we should be much more worried about Pakistan, North Korea, and Israel, which actually have these weapons and have shown little compassion for loss of civilian lives, which they dismiss as "collateral damage".

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