Monday, August 14, 2006

"US involved in planning Israel's operations in Lebanon"

US involved in planning Israel's operations in Lebanon. Even if one doubts this story, it's clear that the US is seen internationally as being complicit with Israel. We already have a damaged image internationally and specifically in the Middle East, and we can't even hope to spread democracy in the region if our intentions aren't trusted. Bush is undermining his own stated goals.


Anonymous said...

US involved in planning Israel's operations in Lebanon? Ya think?

The only thing surprising about this is the thought that anyone might have imagined it was otherwise.

Ingrid said...

Howdy Texas Hippie. found you by way of, via via, perusing and surfing the blogosphere..lo and behold, another Austin blogger! Don't know of any but myself so it's nice to see someone of the progressive kind blogging in this city, but then, what are the odds?
I posted on this as well, this was kinda obvious though, don't you think?

Texas Hippie said...

Indeed no surprises here. Ingrid, I'll have to spend some more time reading your blog, your background sounds interesting. I lived in Munich for 3 months and ever since I've had a fascination with people who are actually able to make that adjustment long-term.