Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Crazy fundies everywhere

Some say money is the root of all evil. Others believe ironically that religion is the root of all evil. Some prefer to direct their disdain at commies, islamo-fascists, eco-terrorists, illegal immigrants, capitalist pigs, lazy freeloaders, ... name any belief system or sociopolitical class and there's somebody who hates it.

But the problem isn't so much with belief systems as it is the fundamentalists within that invariably make the most noise, attracting negative attention with their unbending embrace of their "de-facto" supreme ideology.

The entire political spectrum is full of fundies, and the liberal/progressive sphere certainly has its share. But I sincerely doubt the possibility of a fundamentalist progressive movement as successful as the neoconservative rise to power.

Still it's important to keep a watch out for intense, undirected passion because it can transform into this: "US animal rights activists sentenced to 4 to 6 yrs"

Similarly, organizations like PETA don't have my support because of things like this:

They sound more like Ann Coulter than a well-reasoned institution devoted to improving quality of life instead of obsessing over each animal's death.

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