Saturday, September 23, 2006

Good on Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is finding ways to reduce costs that also benefit our environment. This reflects a general trend I've noticed whereby companies discover that thinking green is financially savvy as well.


Neo said...

I'm sorry to clutter your blog with an off-topic comment, but I noticed that you had a post over at jobsanger's blog in a discussion about me.

I wanted to take this opportunity to address jobsanger's comments where he called me a racist. I'm sorry for the intrusion, and I apologize in advance, but since you stumbled into that conversation, I felt the need to get this off my chest.

jobsanger called me “a right-winger who thought this was a forum for him to display his racism,” and I honestly believe that is neither fair nor accurate so I would like this opportunity to defend myself.

I won’t deny that I’m a “right-winger” if that is jobsanger's term for Republicans, but I am not racist. In fact, I was on the fence whether to support Perry or Friedman for governor because I have a great deal of respect for Friedman’s views on the Iraq War, school prayer, abortion, and immigration. But I cannot overlook his offensive racial comments.

Many people believe Friedman’s recently publicized comments are racist, and many Kinky Friedman supporters disagree. Ironically, many of the Kinky Friedman supporters who defend his comments are the very same people who were quick to label Sen. George Allen (R-Virginia) as a racist. Many Kinky Friedman supporters defend his comments by arguing that they are “satire” and they were from the 1980s.

The comment that I am most particularly offended by is not satire, and it was published by Friedman during the height of this gubernatorial campaign in the July 27, 2006 edition of the magazine High Times:

When I came to … I asked. "Where am I?"

"Take it easy now, Kinkster," said Robert Young. "You've had a bad accident and you're in the Cedars of Tedium Hospital. Apparently you were run over by a bookmobile as you were coming out of a men's room in Denver, Colorado. To save your life we had to give you a transfusion using the blood of a person of the Negro persuasion."

"That's moderately unpleasant," I said.

"Well, there's a good side of things, too," said Robert Young. "Your welfare checks should start coming in a few weeks, and your penis just grew twelve inches. Ha-ha-ha."

In my comment which jobsanger deleted and referred to as “racist crap,” I merely paraphrased Kinky’s comment and ironically referred to it as “satire.” Apparently, jobsanger agrees that Friedman’s comments which I paraphrased are not true satire and are, instead, “racist crap” when I post them, but jobsanger somehow remains staunchly in support of Friedman when he publishes those same comments.

I posted my comment to use irony, sarcasm, and ridicule to expose, denounce, and deride the offensive nature of Kinky Friedman’s comments in the July 27, 2006 edition of High Times magazine. That is the very definition of satire, and I think it is unfair to condemn me as a racist when the whole point of my comment was to expose racism, while jobsanger defends Friedman against charges of racism for originally making the very same comments which I paraphrased.

Before you delete this sincere comment, which I know is off-topic and an uninvited intrusion onto your blog, I ask that you allow me this opportunity to defend myself against jobsanger's charge of racism which I take very seriously. I am no racist, and since you posted a response in the discussion where jobsanger called me a racist, I wanted to correct the wrong impression.

MidlandJenny said...

Texas Hippie:

Thank you for leaving up Neo's comment even though it was not related to your blog. I found your blog by linking over from your comment on jobsanger's blog because I was curious whether jobsanger had banned someone else for raising legitimate questions about Kinky. Now I see that this is more-or-less what has happened.

Thanks again for not deleting Neo's comments. I know how badly I'd feel if someone falsely labled me a racist.

Texas Hippie said...

I never saw the original comment in reference, though Neo's description makes his presumed faux-pas seem more benign than jobsanger's reaction would imply.

Psycologists call this projection (more details), and may reflect that while jobsanger does support a number of Kinky's beliefs and characteristics, perhaps he is in fact also uncomfortable with the things Kinky has said that are causing such a stir. Jobsanger has been more defensive on this issue than even Kinky has, and more defensive on this issue than other issues over which people have been chiding Kinky (such as separation of church and state).

Precisely because this part of the debate is so heated, I'm trying to focus my attention on other policy matters to see if Kinky is worth considering on other grounds. Since I'm not impressed as a whole with his policy, I don't have to get caught up in issues of personality. Perhaps if I were overwhelmingly impressed by the candidate for whom I'm likely to vote would I try to undermine Kinky's campaign by focusing on everything ranging from policy to personality, because in a close race all of those do matter. But I don't even need to study his personality to distinguish Kinky from the others.

Thanks both of you for your thoughts, and feel free to wander over here any time.

MidlandJenny said...

Texas Hippie:

Your thoughts on this matter make good sense to me.

I tried to post a comment on jobsanger's blog that addressed this issue and pointed out that Kinky's statement which Neo was complaining about is the very same statement which has resulted in the biggest discussion that In The Pink has ever hosted in the history of that blog (over 150 comments). My comment was rejected, too.