Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A land where women are treated as property...

Sharia law is a miserable abomination, a strict perversion of everything great about humanity that distinguishes us from animals, including: compassion, equality and freedom. Recent grunting from thuggish oafs in Pakistan is once again bringing light to the grounds for which no Sharia-governed country can be trusted or respected in international relations. Unfortunately when it comes to human rights violations, the US can't be trusted either thanks to Bush and his neocon cabal.

But back to Pakistan: it is very disconcerting that we must rely so heavily on Pakistan as a major ally in the war on terror. The current president, General Pervez Musharraf, took control via a bloodless but nasty coup d'etat and he is not entirely popular with his countrymen. He is a moderate Muslim, and his alliances with the US are not well regarded by many in his country, especially those who still support the Taliban. His hold on power therefore seems very tenuous, bolstered only by strongarming the legal system to retroactively support his rise to power. And although he has a general 2/3 approval rating, there's tremendous risk if his government ever collapses. From the Next Hurrah:

I'm going to ask the Iran question, but I'm going to get at it sideways. You said that Iran is the biggest WMD threat out there. But Pakistan is a tremendously unstable country right now. And if Musharraf fell, Al Qaeda could get the bomb within 6 weeks. And al-Baradei has just said that Iran does not now have the bomb. So why is Iran the biggest threat? [emphasis mine]
A more detailed analysis of the Pakistan risk is discussed in this followup piece on the Next Hurrah.

But fear not, we can rely on Bush's presidential hand-holding skills to assure the people of Pakistan that he hates freedom, equality and prosperity too.

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