Sunday, September 03, 2006

Plan B

Here's a link to commentary from a reader at Bitch, Ph.D about how difficult it has been to get emergency contraceptive, even as a prescription from her own doctor. Plan B should help prevent unwanted conception, which in turn will hopefully lower abortion rates. I predict that more attention will be given to the "sanctity of viable embryos," followed by the evils of menstruation and the sin of masturbation. Invariably the discussion will be strongly associated with religious doctrine. And the most vocal detractors of responsible family planning will be those with the most fundamental religious beliefs. Fundamentalism of any kind breeds violence and terrorism. People who support the agenda of divisive, intolerant attacks on personal moral choices are helping drive a personal hatred towards those with different beliefs. Intolerance is not what makes America great, and is not the mark of true Patriots because it is such a destructive force.

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