Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Crude language from a Democrat

This remark shows insensitivity atypical to Democrats that is unbecoming and inexcusable:

A Democratic congressional candidate said at a recent campaign event that he was late because he was "on Injun time,"
He apologized quickly, and surprisingly one tribe did not even take offense:
Bobbi Webster, a spokeswoman for the Oneida Nation, said tribal members were not taking Kagen's comment as disrespectful and were not seeking an apology.

"Tribal members say that themselves," Webster said. "It is not uncommon to hear somebody come in late and say, 'Oh-oh. I am running on Indian time.'"
I can't help but think that they would have been very offended if a Republican had said such a thing. Political brotherhood should not allow a politician to become sloppy and disrespectful, and while I personally enjoy the freedoms of being politically incorrect, I never do so in a public forum.

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