Thursday, October 19, 2006

Endorsements for Gov. from two Chronicles

The Austin Chronicle endorsed Chris Bell today, despite tremendous local energy (initially) for Kinky that had me considering that possibility. From In the Pink Texas: "When Kinky (aka ‘Best Citizen!’) can’t even get a nod from the hometown socialists, it’s high time to pull out."

Here's the Chronicle excerpt they quoted:

Like many Chronicle readers, we initially welcomed the anti-Bush novelty of maverick Kinky Friedman. But however entertaining as a candidate, if Friedman were actually elected, the joke would be on everyday Texans. He has no real interest in the crucial details of governance. He has chosen positions out of whim and ignorance (such as martial law on the border, or quickly dissipating a budget “surplus” visible only to him). Along the campaign trail, he has made no effort to learn anything new or from his mistakes. (The last denizen of the Mansion with Friedman’s Know-Nothing approach to governance is now in the White House.)
Two reminders:
  1. Kinky voted for Bush in 2004. In fact, in accord with his image as an outsider to the political process this was his only vote in the past 12 years. He didn't even vote on the Texas constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, despite claiming to being open and accepting of others. He had power as a voter and neglected to use it, and now he wants the power of Governor?
  2. Early voting starts next Monday, Oct. 23.


robb said...

Ok, let's take a closer look at this. The Houston Chronicle endorsed Strayhorn today. The Houston Chronicle probably knows the top three candidates better than any major paper in Texas. They have likely sat down with Perry, Strayhorn and Bell on many different occasions. Chris Bell served on the Houston City Council. He was also a Congressman from Houston. Perry and Strayhorn have long records that the paper has covered, and each has met with the board many times.

This is an endorsement that should carry some weight, given the fact that they know each candidate so well and that they carefully looked at the agendas and records of each, including sitting down with each and asking the substantive questions that matter.

This gives Strayhorn some good momentum heading into the home-stretch. You gotta know that Perry must be really miffed.

Texas Hippie said...

The endorsement from the Houston Chronicle focuses on investing time & money into our state's children, specifically in education and health care. It then proceeds to choose Strayhorn over others on the basis of leadership, not her policy platform. Leadership is certainly important to consider, but the editors don't discuss her record and barely discuss her experience. To close with an endorsement based on such little information makes the piece very weak, and does not impress me.

Were they to have discussed policy positions, they could have discovered the similarities shared by Bell's platform on their issue of choice. But then they would have to explain how Strayhorn could win the fiscal conservative vote on a platform that sounds so Democratic.

Their endorsement carries no weight with me.