Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Holy Crap this is cool - and safe for work

Some days it seems the Internet doesn't have many surprises left in it. I've been trawling around its dark corners for quite a while, trying to find others with as quirky a sense of humor as mine. Sometimes I come across unsavory sites, but rarely am I shocked. While others shielded their eyes and put their therapists on speed dial, the first time I saw Goatse I laughed out loud for having been caught off guard by a fake link from a subversive poster on Slashdot. (incidentally this became such a common prank that Slashdot changed its format slightly to mitigate malicious use of their forums).

But today I found something truly cool, a sort of visual zeitgeist composed of a sea of floating bubbles of thoughts containing the phrase "I feel," collected from blog posts across the world. Play with it.


platkat said...

Pretty cool! But where do the feelings come from?

Texas Hippie said...

They come from the heart! :) ... and from blogs trawled all over the world. They can do some interesting locale analysis to see which bloggers are collectively feeling certain emotions in various cities; I wonder where the happiest places are?