Wednesday, October 18, 2006

In bed?

I ate at a Vietnamese restaurant tonight and had an interesting cookie fortune. Well, the fortune wasn't interesting, but what I found on the back in place of the usual lottery numbers was:

Vote Nov. 7 for Prop 4
Invest in Austin's Creative Economy.
Sounds nice to me! Austin needs to invest in attractions like this to support the illusion that we're not really in Texas. This will help bring jobs via businesses who know they can't develop a local branch without local talent. For example, Austin is developing more of a movie industry each year - with a very independent twist - that appears to be bringing money to this city without diluting its image. Supporting local arts and cultural facilities helps this and may have immeasurable ancillary benefits.

Update: This article backs what I suggested. A $1 million investment by the city has brought $650 million to the local economy from more than 20 feature films shot here. The article goes on to discuss how the city's Austin Studios would benefit from the bond package:
Of the $31.5 million bond, Austin Studios would receive $5 million to fund basic upgrades like full soundproofing and air-conditioning for two of the five stages, improved security and safety and state-of-the-art digital infrastructure.

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