Saturday, October 21, 2006

The rules of moshing

This isn't exactly relevant to much of what I post, but I know some readers who would enjoy it as much as I did: the rules of moshing. It mostly makes sense, but I have to say that moshes I've seen make no efforts to entertain the onlookers, unless you enjoy a stray boot to the head.

And I don't know about the "form of dancing" aspect. This isn't Capoeira. Moshers, at least in Austin, are usually thick fratboys bruisers or sturdy outcast goths, and they explore their mutual animosity in the pit.

BTW, Capoeira has an interesting history. From what I understand, it was basically a form of martial arts disguised as a tribal dance form, allowing African slaves in Brazil to pass along training of self defense without their masters' suspicion. It is a vigorous, elastic form of exercise that is becoming quite popular in the US; it's a little bit like t'ai chi with an attitude, yoga for non-yuppies, or west coast swing for closet metrosexuals.

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