Sunday, October 22, 2006

Their agenda, spelled out for them

Digby has an excellent post about the supposed diasporic migrations of value voters away from the GOP. Some feel that the Democrats can attract these voters, and I've seen very specific discussions about how the Dem focus on such topics as reducing poverty and environmental ills are all resonant of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Digby warns however that "they are after all, conservatives." He quotes an interesting Washington Post piece that demonstrates why the value voters have so strictly latched on to a set of principles embodied by the GOP. These folks don't see the Democratic platform values as a threat, and here's why:

"I definitely don't like the widening of the agenda, because it muddies the water," said the Rev. Michael Haseltine, pastor of the 2,000-member Maranatha Assembly of God Church in Forest Lake, Minn.

"Be good stewards of the environment? Sure, but how? These tree-huggers and anti-hunters think it's terrible to kill animals. Oppose poverty? Sure, but what's the best way to do it? We can't solve everybody's problems for them," he said. "Family and life issues -- abortion, sexuality -- they're much more clear from the biblical standpoint."
The issues they focus on are clearly spelled out for them and require no thinking. This appeals to evangelicals, with infinite trust in the Bible, who don't wish to even try to explain their moral stance on its own merits. The GOP has aligned itself with a fundamentally unassailable, undebatable platform that must be the envy of modern think-tanks.

Digby explains that while we will happily caucus with others whose interests match ours on specific policy/legislation, we will not approach or embrace the evangelical movement aggressively because of their unbending, unthinking stance on gay marriage, stem cell research, etcetera. His post is entitled "Liberal Intolerance Of Intolerance", and helps explain my profile: "I try to be as open-minded as possible, but the only thing I will not tolerate is intolerance."

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