Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Howie Klein calls the plays

Howie Klein's runthrough here is interesting. He leaves only half of one sentence for Texas in this multi-paragraph article: "...I don't think anything will pan out in Texas; even Bonilla looks pretty safe."


Also my loyal readers (comprised of my other personalities) might have noticed that I have been linking less frequently to my originally inspiring favorite, Firedoglake. I've lost interest in that site, even though I still greatly respect the work of Jane and Redd. But they've intentionally changed the course of their project and attracted a more mainstream audience. Jane's blackface incident (want to know more?) and the subsequent reaction demonstrated that Firedoglake is now considered a representative of mainstream liberal bloggers, not just the noisy fray. Even 9 months ago, Jane would have stood up for herself explaining the satire involved in her portrayal of Lieberman's pandering. I don't believe she apologized, but she withdrew her visuals and made little comment from that point. Ned must have some good hush money.

I prefer unabashedly bold, opinionated writers like the Jane of yore, Steve Gilliard and of course "the inimitable Digby." I don't read Kos or Wonkette, and I've stopped subscribing to Huffington Post for a while now. They got good at displacing mainstream journalists and became such themselves. I almost had forgotten why I started reading news online exclusively, but I've returned to my roots and I'm happier with the condensed format and angle of attack.

I've also noticed that Redd is helping guide a noticeable shift to appeal to religious voters. That's probably the second worst quality of the site now for my tastes. The worst is TRex. I can't place why, but I find his writing style revolting. Howie on the other hand is one of the best they have to offer, and is why I continue to read that site aside from distant fondness.

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