Sunday, December 10, 2006

I haven't readily admitted this to anyone...

...but I was one of these "salad day conservatives" that Digby speaks of. I actually bought into that crap for a brief period of self absorbsion. It's a pretty common post-highschool indulgence, a mental powertrip brought on by the opportunity to burn many expendible bridges as a social experiment in preparation for the it's-a-small-world "real world." While in it I was perplexed a great deal that my revered highschool English & History teacher, Allen/Allan/Alan (he's one of those people who doesn't have a known birthday) Johnson, the man who got me into all this, was also interested in the philisophies that influenced communism. I didn't have a sense of irony, and I apologize for my indescretion. As you can see with how highly I regard Digby, my school of thought now swims in a much different ocean of Kool-Aid.

Those of you who know me can imagine how my socially under-powered brain could have wandered into that trap. I make a lot of mistakes, but try not to make the same one twice.

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Anonymous said...

Haha. "Salad day conservative" sounds just about as good as tossing a salad. I never bought into Ayn Rand and her silliness back then. However, I was a member of the Young Socialist Democrats of America. Still a believer in socialism :-).