Monday, December 11, 2006

Kentucky's proud heritage may include stupidity...

... but it does not include the Confederacy. Steve Gilliard, a blogger with a strong command of history, points out that Kentucky never seceded from the Union. That doesn't stop hicks in charge of a Kentucky high school from displaying either their ignorance, racism or both. They prominently display the widely recognized "Rebel flag" throughout the school, but that flag is actually "the naval jack of the Confederacy, not the official flag." What has brought this unofficial flag to prominence in the south, especially parts that were never in the Confederacy, is hatred, though that may in fact also be their heritage.

Steve goes on to quote Ken Burns, director of the PBS documentary The Civil War, with this excellent excerpt:

Those flags were instituted in the 1950’s and there’s only one thing that happened in the 1950’s that would have caused the southern states to add the confederate flag. They took one of the battle flags, and it wasn’t even the most popular confederate battle flag, and made it the symbol of segregation and resistance to civil rights and codified it in their flags.
Yee haw, dumbassholes.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you mean seceded *from* the Union? :)

Texas Hippie said...

Yes, yes I did.