Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Hadn't the hippies tried to tell my generation?"

Here's an interesting post by Glenn Greenwald, wherein he quotes a conservative coming to terms with what his party is all about: self-serving power. The quote:

I had a heretical thought for a conservative - that I have got to teach my kids that they must never, ever take Presidents and Generals at their word - that their government will send them to kill and die for noble-sounding rot - that they have to question authority.

On the walk to the parking garage, it hit me. Hadn't the hippies tried to tell my generation that? Why had we scorned them so blithely?
I'd much rather be a passive and pensive hippie than a strong-and-dumb warmonger. But scorn my kind at your own peril.

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platkat said...

Agreed. Where ya been anyway? A month is a long time for you! :-)